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Old guy asked for help with porn

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Old Guy walked into my tech store and asked for help with looking at porn
4 ^# y( k9 K5 nWriting this on a throwaway account because I could get fired for what I did.
; C" v( N2 i6 J- ]) D+ U  C; i8 J
4 W8 E& V2 c0 JI work at a store that deals with technology. I won’t be specific, but it’s a pretty big store, and a family store with things for kids to play with and little classes for them. We do sales and repairs, so we’re pretty full-service and often busy and crowded.
8 u0 ]& a' E3 K! x+ K5 S* e! B+ i  {2 ?) M7 |# q4 C
The other day, I was approached by a coworker with a question about the parental controls on a device. I’m one of the people who is very familiar with software and interfaces, and parental controls are one of my knowledge points that a lot of the younger workers aren’t familiar with (even though I’m not a parent myself), so this wasn’t unusual. The questions centered around removing them. My coworker asked if I could take over, and I said okay. This was all very normal, right up until he said “It’s this old guy. He wants to watch porn.” That got the requisite “WTF” look from me, and my coworker stifled a laugh. “Thanks for dealing with it,” he said. I kind of shrugged. I mean, I like porn, I’m not shy about browsing it, and that people have “needs”. I had no problem handling it, though I bet other coworkers might say I should just send him to a manager to get “politely declined service for that subject.”
3 E" V" i. j7 Y) y% S4 T- _% E4 J# M
He takes me over, and introduces me to this very old man. He looked like he might have had Parkinson’s, with the tremor in his hand. His iPad was also very old, as was the software on it. I could tell at a glance that his system had a version from before 2013 (because I’m a nerd who can tell these things at a glance). His iPad would not even be compatible with newer systems.
* N- N6 Y* q7 R, O) b
- _, \9 z' O; e& V7 PThe old man didn’t say anything about porn, but he said that his grandkids had been over, and he thought they did something to his iPad, because it wasn’t working like normal. He said he thought that they’d set some parental controls “to block stuff so kids can’t see it”.
/ z5 ?5 h- j! Q$ K
. a9 R# y+ i8 y0 N* s, D9 vI smiled, and sighed, and began to tell him the usual speech about how parental controls work, and how we’d need the passcode if one was set up, and if he didn’t have it, it would require deleting the device and beginning without a backup to get things working again. His iPad didn’t appear to have much on it. But when I got to the settings, I was surprised to find there were no parental controls turned on.1 I# `1 y+ g3 f) I
3 M: ]" s9 u. O' g4 M$ _
I stopped, and I let him know that it appeared there were no controls or limits set. I turned them on and off just in case. I had to ask him. “So what wasn’t working?” I was starting to worry it might be a software incompatibility due to new web standards, and that his old iPad might not be able to be updated to match them. Internally, I did not want to have that conversation. People his age were often on fixed incomes, and could not afford to get a new device.+ n" Z8 N" F$ O  L: f: I( T/ _4 j
5 Z# ?, V! k& o/ e3 ^) P
He began trembling again. “I’m 93,” he said. “My wife died. I have nothing left. And the...the videos I’d watch, they aren’t working anymore.” He took the iPad and started to go to a webpage. “I go to xnxx, and the images are there, but when I...”
% Q$ Y7 C( b% s6 B  G/ ]! l; A1 y7 S; w0 N% |. @2 F
I stopped him. “Sir, uh, our WiFi blocks that,” I said. I remembered using that site myself. It was one of the regular sites I’d used to go to for many years.3 X6 p; q1 Q- F

$ i% ~  }5 ~8 f0 j; Q# F9 mHe nodded and closed his eyes. “Please, I don’t have anyone. I just...need something.”" R' _- |, W6 \. }) j) u

2 Z! Q& t. B* E, B9 t# i9 X5 hI was struck. It stopped being funny. He was so fucking lonely, and the videos he watched online were important to him. I could see in his eyes, it was something he needed, to just keep existing. And I could see just how ashamed he was to come in, with such a subject and a need, but his loneliness was too much for his shame. He was practically in tears.
" v- R3 d1 L$ b/ u3 ]- _- B# H& p; n  L+ E& Z: A" i& E5 T% n& a
I acted like what I did next was a big decision, because I thought I had to put up the act, even though it was a quick decision for me. I pulled out my phone, and I turned on the hotspot, and I put his iPad onto my phone’s WiFi. This would bypass the content restrictions our WiFi had. He thankfully had a cover on the iPad. I held it at a low angle, and positioned it so we could see but hopefully there’d be as little a chance for anyone else to see. I typed in xnxx.7 B! f& o, R, B  g5 Q
1 Y# c: M: q" K) X
The porn site came up, and I kept furtively looking over my shoulder. He said “This is how it comes up, but when you tap, it doesn’t play anything...”. So I tapped. While the page changed, I remembered to turn down the volume, and I did.
3 p! V$ [  ?' P! G$ \/ F6 @" H4 g7 j4 H" }5 l0 P0 ^* }& _  r
The video came up and started playing. A-okay, no problem.5 f) E' U# x- Z# s: g

' R$ M2 X) F! U( l2 Q: Z! AHe began to say it wouldn’t do that at home, but still started thanking me. Still, I wasn’t satisfied. If there’s a bug, and it works sometimes but not others, it’s not fixed, it’s just a clue to find it. I tried other videos and they all worked.0 ^- U  h4 S1 `

1 w2 w* e- K; C: QI closed the webpage and the iPad. He looked so thankful. I told him I didn’t do anything, so I wasn’t sure it was “fixed.” I considered that maybe his kids, the grandkids parents had put parental blocks up on his own ISP, but they’d block the entire site, not the vids. I told him to try it again at home. I didn’t know why it hadn’t worked, but at least we’d proven that his iPad could play them./ C- X* J4 h$ i& ~3 |

- p* V5 i6 a: P5 d. NHe left, and even as I told him that I wasn’t sure we could help further he kept thanking me. I just stood there for a moment, and then I started tearing up and had to leave the sales floor.
* N' a, X) X* \# k
; d( |+ t2 e/ vIt struck me how lonely he was, how the porn was one of his only ways of just having moments of satisfaction. I felt that hard. I’m serially single. I’m very lonely, and porn is my escape, and I’m just 42. I realized the state he was in, that’s something that is likely coming. For all of us.
$ v9 K' ?2 J9 J$ m2 M0 h3 v7 C5 H' Q, k# W4 ^( v* N# v$ a
I know that a lot of my coworkers would laugh at the guy, the pervert coming in, needing his porn. But I felt sad. Sad for him. Sad for all of us. I know that loneliness. It’s waiting for us all.
* Q* R# E  o( }1 T
( U3 C' K4 _  ?: T6 W$ \" |I don’t know if there’s a moral here. I just thought I should share. And please, I know porn is something we laugh about and make fun of, and it’s deserving of that. But sometimes...let’s take away the shame of it. You’re lucky if you don’t need it to get those little moments. Don’t take it for granted. And allow whatever moments others have, however they get them, without shame or looking down.
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google 翻译的
7 B9 }. n! i' v. ?6 @( ]0 j4 z* t5 K2 R0 w) W# U. W8 t
5 `4 F4 E( l! w! _8 C) j将此写在一个一次性的帐户上,因为我会因为自己的工作而被炒鱿鱼。7 v. r& r6 w, X8 ?' g$ ~
1 \" \( T4 f7 ]" z
2 w+ v0 l" v2 E7 ^) ^  f, }5 h) S
前几天,一位同事与我联系,询问有关设备上父母控制的问题。我是非常熟悉软件和界面的人之一,父母控制是我的知识点之一,很多年轻的工人对此并不熟悉(即使我自己不是父母),所以这并不罕见。问题集中在删除它们上。我的同事问我是否可以接任,我说可以。这一切都很正常,直到他说:“这是老家伙。他想看色情片。”那让我望而却步,“ WTF”看上去很酷,我的同事则笑了起来。他说:“谢谢您的配合。”我有点耸耸肩。我的意思是,我喜欢色情,对浏览它并不害羞,而且人们有“需求”。尽管可以打赌其他同事可能会说我应该将他送给经理以“礼貌地拒绝该主题的服务”,但我对此没有任何问题。
1 R7 ~: w) G' m, Q% M$ Y1 g' ^4 C) \1 a( v- C+ o+ ^! v3 K, v: t! }
他接我,并把我介绍给这个老头子。他看起来好像手握了颤抖,可能患有帕金森氏症。他的iPad和其中的软件也很旧。我可以一眼看出他的系统具有2013年之前的版本(因为我是一个书呆子,可以一眼就知道这些事情)。他的iPad甚至无法与更新的系统兼容。# \; J) }7 A# h
0 R- \1 z; O7 \# V6 w* G, `
这位老人没有透露任何有关色情的内容,但他说他的孙子们已经过去了,他认为他们在iPad上做了一些事情,因为它无法正常工作。他说,他认为他们应该设置一些家长控制措施,以“阻止东西,使孩子看不到”。% J6 O8 D- o& K& I2 S! A
/ M5 {) t  e% H# ?
我微笑着叹了口气,然后开始告诉他有关父母控制的工作原理以及如果设置了密码,如果他没有密码,我们将如何需要密码的通常讲话,这将需要删除设备和开始时无需备份即可使工作恢复正常。他的iPad似乎没有太多东西。但是当我进入设置时,我很惊讶地发现没有任何家长控制功能被打开。: `/ U0 R1 x9 o' C/ B5 Y
) F8 X8 ~1 Y* w! k! w8 v7 g
我停了下来,让他知道似乎没有设置任何控件或限制。我打开和关闭它们以防万一。我不得不问他。 “那么什么没用呢?”我开始担心这可能是由于新的Web标准导致软件不兼容,以及他的旧iPad可能无法更新以匹配它们。在内部,我不想进行对话。他这个年龄的人通常是固定收入的,买不起新设备。
+ v2 }! V1 i1 x' l! W% p# H, r& t% l( J+ B+ r
他又开始发抖。 “我93岁,”他说。 “我的妻子去世了。我什么都没有了。还有...我正在观看的视频,它们不再起作用了。”他拿着iPad并开始浏览网页。 “我去了xnxx,图像在那里,但是当我...”2 {8 i9 T$ w! k0 o; g1 ]. J
6 H& q4 O& J1 _/ B6 }
我阻止了他。 “先生,呃,我们的WiFi阻止了它,”我说。我记得自己曾经使用过该网站。这是我多年来常去的常规网站之一。
( i6 x" E! _6 X! h4 y
% F6 }  t2 N) q  S& D( F( f他点点头,闭上了眼睛。 “拜托,我没有任何人。我只是……需要一些东西。”4 b* L! b9 V& m3 O

' u: M3 N: o# O' @: h0 Y& j2 j' A9 L我被感动了。它不再有趣了。他是如此的寂寞,他在线观看的视频对他很重要。我能在他的眼中看到,这是他保持原有状态所需要的。我可以看到他带着这样的话题和需要进来多么how愧,但是他的孤独使他感到羞耻。他几乎哭了。% H! n8 o7 m$ l. F% V

4 V7 g; c  j1 t5 d) F7 l我的举动就像接下来要做的是一个重大决定,因为我认为我必须忍受这一举动,尽管这对我来说是一个快速的决定。我拔出手机,打开热点,然后将他的iPad放在手机的WiFi上。这将绕过WiFi的内容限制。值得庆幸的是,他在iPad上放了封皮。我以低角度握住它,并将其放置在可以看到的地方,但希望其他人看不到的机会很少。我输入了xnxx。
* _1 ~# A/ k' t  d& \
4 k2 [  w$ Y  N+ T( I. o- v色情网站出现了,我偷偷地看着我的肩膀。他说:“这是怎么回事,但是当您点击时,它什么都不会播放...”。所以我点击了。页面更改时,我记得调低了音量,但是我做到了。
1 H, z$ c  A# t/ v* ]% `/ z
! L; k0 j. R5 m- V4 V: o视频出现并开始播放。好的,没问题。: R* [% W( {# w/ S( R
0 a4 ?* Q" s# G) i: y+ h( L
/ }- Y  H9 D# b7 K# Y
# m9 e: \( W+ Y5 V' j3 _: |我关闭了网页和iPad。他看起来非常感谢。我告诉他我什么也没做,所以我不确定这是“固定的”。我认为也许是他的孩子,孙子父母将父母的封锁放在自己的ISP上,但他们会封锁整个站点,而不是西元。我告诉他在家里再试一次。我不知道为什么它不起作用,但是至少我们证明了他的iPad可以播放它们。) `" p( o7 B! E6 u" u# b

+ B  n) W# i8 p7 ^* ]他离开了,就在我告诉他我不确定我们能否进一步帮助他时,他一直感谢我。我只是站在那儿片刻,然后我开始撕裂,不得不离开销售现场。
) u& s- Z& O5 |& k( i
/ J: Z0 Y2 f, U8 [0 B& C& D3 [令我震惊的是,他有多寂寞,色情片是他仅有的满足感的唯一方式之一。我好难受。我是单身。我非常寂寞,色情片是我的逃脱对象,而我只有42岁。我意识到他所处的状态,这很可能即将到来。给我们大家的。
2 {& i, t  X) n& Z9 d: G: W% u9 N* Y! o6 ~( c0 X
" t. H# W7 h6 W2 T5 m) B
- I4 r* W9 T0 o8 W2 ?8 `/ L我不知道这里是否有道德。我只是认为我应该分享。而且请,我知道色情是我们嘲笑和取笑的东西,这是值得的。但是有时候...让我们丢掉它的耻辱。如果您不需要它来度过这些难忘的时光,那么您会很幸运。不要认为这是理所当然的。并允许他人拥有任何时刻,无论他们得到了什么,都不要羞辱或低头。
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5 C* e4 V" E0 L3 w) [. t1 _7 {
% g+ j+ S' U1 e2 v
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* {4 y+ q) B1 S! M; v
$ `3 H# s% H# i$ G& Z6 q人性使然,与生俱来,与生俱来与生俱去,外国人倒是有真实的一面。
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